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Dementia Care

About 44,000 people in Ireland are currently living with some form of dementia – a number that is expected to reach nearly 104,000 by 2037. We are delighted to have the opportunity to tell you about our services. Tara Care Centre are HIQA registered and are dedicated to providing person centered care and supporting clients in comfort and security. We provide dedicated care for residents with dementia in Tara Care Centre. We develop personalised person centered care plans to meet our residents specific needs. We have also invested heavily in specialised training for our staff so as to provide the highest level of care to our residents.


The Memory Hub

The Memory Hub train carriage room in Tara Care creates a calming environment that relieves boredom by creating a fun, social activity, allowing residents to interact and socialise with family members, friends and carers. The carriage hub also helps anxious residents allowing them a quiet, therapeutic environment in which they can sit and talk to relatives or carers over tea or lunch while watching the countryside roll by.


The Memory Hub train carriage consists of a vinyl wall showing wood panels, a wood framed digital screen showing bright, sunny countryside (and the click clack of train wheels on tracks) giving anybody who sits on the two facing seats over the table the sense of going somewhere….

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